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  • Media 'sycophants' reveal motivations

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  • Since his debut on the NBC sitcom "Cheers," Academy Award nominated actor Woody Harrelson has enamored audiences with his southern charm. But under the surface of his succes s lies a dark past for his family, as his hitman-for-hire father, Charles Harrelson, will be implicated in one of history's most shocking murders. Woody must decide whether he can stand by his father while the truth unfolds.

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  • "The president was deeply affected by his visit to the hospital and conversations with the survivors of the Parkland massacre. The savagery of the wounds inflicted by the AR15 shocked and distressed him. At our dinner at Mar-a-Lago I presented the Juvenile Assault Weapons Ban idea. He took it under advisement, and further suggested strongly that he was going to act to strengthen background checks." --Geraldo Rivera

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