Wednesday, August 27th 2014

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 27, 2014

Another Reason to Legalize Pot
Erica and I watched the predictable, plodding Emmys together; agreeing that the highlight was irrepressibly saucy Sarah Silverman's busty ebullient victory for her hilariously irreverent HBO special.  Aside from her ample bosom, the funny lady was also the hit of the Red Carpet when she flashed her pot-filled Vape pen. She bragged on it, explaining that she has a prescription for medical-marijuana.  Since the devices don't emit second hand smoke, the spread of E-cigarettes like Sarah's will speed the necessary end of Marijuana Prohibition. It is past time to recognize that almost every otherwise law-abiding adult has tried pot at least once, and that every adult should have that legal right.  Inner City men are paying a particularly acute price for pot use. Countless have had their lives wrecked by minor pot busts. The problem with Stop and Frisk is not that kids are searched. The problem is that if a couple of joints are found, the kid is screwed forever.  There is now another good reason to legalize pot.  An article in Huff Po today reports the results of a nine-year study of 634 married couples by researchers from Yale, University of Buffalo and Rutgers.  The study finds that couples who smoke pot have fewer incidents of domestic violence. Those couples are living more mellow, less violently tense lives.  As the legalization experiments in Colorado and Washington State demonstrate, the horror-filled predictions of widespread disorder and dysfunction have not happened. Instead, as taxes pour into those state's coffers, the living is easier.

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