Thursday, August 28th 2014 Pt 2

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 28, 2014

And speaking of children, you know what else is obscene?
The hysterical over-reaction to the 'surge' of unaccompanied immigrant children into this country. Here in New York, our state has the second highest number of these young recent immigrant arrivals (after Texas); 4,244 kids ages 17 and younger, some much younger have been sheltered and sponsored in the five boroughs and surrounding suburban counties.  4,244 kids in a state of about 19.6 million people.  These children have had zero negative impact, according various county departments. There has been "no rise in the need for services due to the unaccompanied minors," the spokeswoman for the Suffolk County Executive told Newsday.  "It's a number that is so small in terms of the total population that, were it not for people trying to politically exploit this issue, it would have gone practically unnoticed," said Patrick Young, program director of the Central American Refugee Center in Hempstead Long Island.  Every time I see a shameless cable news report or commentary flogging this "invasion" of children as a calamity, I want to gag.  Further, all this irresponsible talk of how ISIS terrorists are going to infiltrate the porous Southern border overlooks the hard cold fact that there has never been a single verified instance of a Muslim terrorist infiltrating the Southern border.  The 9/11 hijackers came on legal visas.  There have been several documented terrorist infiltrations of the Northern Border with Canada. Why no outcry for a fence along the Great White Northern border?  There has never been a terrorist infiltration of the Southern Border.  Shut up cable. Shut up Congress, and pass some reasonable immigration reform. Or let the president have the chops to do it for you.

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