Wednesday, September 3rd 2014

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 03, 2014

Morning, One of the lessons you learn as a street reporter or war correspondent is that you never say, "go ahead and shoot me," to someone pointing a gun at you. That is what Jihadi John did when he decapitated our colleague and countryman Steven Sotloff.  'John' effectively dared the United States to go ahead and shoot ISIS.  The despicable, sadistic wretch who cut Steve's head off, on camera, also threatened more brutality if we don't "back off."  He will reap the opposite result.  By butchering our men, he threatened more than our physical safety, he slandered our national honor. Did he really think to scare off the United States by torturing our countrymen?  The president, today finally said that our strategic goal is to "degrade and destroy" ISIS. He later softened that declaration of all-out war, but we must hold him to it.  ISIS will never stop attacking our citizens, our interests and our national pride unless it is eliminated.
It is ISIS that must be beheaded.

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