Duke Wins It

by Geraldo Rivera | Apr 07, 2015

There was a civil war within Erica's family circle last night. One of her favorite aunts Gail went to Duke, Erica to Wisconsin. In the nail-biter game they were part of a network of competing alums furiously posting back and forth with every lead change.

Watching the game and not hip to the ongoing debate over the quasi-pro status of elite Division One athletes or to the controversy of the players doing one year college ball before then turning pro, 'One and Done', she asked innocently, "Where did all these black players come from? These are two of the whitest campuses in the country."

At the elite level, the graduation rate gap between athletes and the student body is more than 30%. Since most of those players won't make it in the NBA anyway, let's compensate these quasi-pro players now, pass a rule making a two-year stay in school mandatory and disclose fully the financial bounty reaped by institutions like Duke and Wisconsin by their big league athletic programs. 

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