She Who Laughs Last

by Geraldo Rivera | Apr 13, 2015

Saturday Night Live brought back Darrell Hammond to hit Hillary where it must still hurt…right in the Lewinsky. Comics and critics coming cascading out of the woodwork Sunday…falling over each other to ridicule and blunt any announcement bounce for the former Secretary of State as Senator Hillary Clinton again tossed her hat into the presidential ring this time via social media yesterday.

She was immediately chewed up by a corps of conservative commentators led by Reince Priebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee…all of whom hit Hillary hard with their first salvo of criticism.

Get used to hearing Benghazi…Benghazi…Benghazi as the GOP tries to breathe new life into the old controversy they hope still smolders around the tragic deaths of our four heroes in that Libyan city more than three years ago. 

Close on the heels of that antique is the newer scandal involving Senator Clinton’s use of the private e-mail server during her time as Secretary of State; which I still believe is going nowhere unless the act of deleting messages in and of itself is criminal or at least bad enough to convey the message that see, those Clintons are still sneaky, that she’s lying in the same sordid way that President Bill Clinton lied when he told us that he did not have sex with that woman…Miss Lewinsky.

And then there’s today’s headline heralding how New York’s hard-left mayor Bill De Blasio refused to endorse Hillary when given the chance on the day of her big announcement.

On that one I think the media is falling for a pre-determined political strategy, and if the mayor and the secretary didn’t coordinate ahead of time they should have.

He’s so hard left wing populist progressive he might as well be a socialist. The mayor is all about embracing public sector unions, income re-distribution and reforming the police. If Clinton follows his lead to the left, she’ll be trounced in places like Iowa, Colorado, South Carolina and Texas. So she’s going to run from the middle. De Blasio and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley and Rhode Island’s former governor Lincoln Chafee are her designated left-wing foils…political small fries there precisely to show how unlike these little left-wingers she is; how much larger than life, fiscally responsible and socially moderate.

When the time comes they’ll all fall in line, including Mayor De Blasio, who once served as Hillary’s campaign manager when she ran successfully for the U.S. Senate from New York.

And the 20 or more Republican candidates will chop each other apart in the months to come. Paul and Cruz have already jumped into the fray. Rubio launches today, and the 800 pound governor, brother and son of presidents Jeb Bush is waiting in the wings, the only practical alternative.

Secretary Clinton meantime will be driving around the country in her mini-van convincing skeptical Americans that what we need to heal the partisan divide and cure a dysfunctional Congress is a wise, experienced, sober Grandmother, even one with a flamboyant former playboy president husband and a private e-mail. And if you think she’ll be an easy mark for Hillary haters, you should talk to my wife and her friends who are going to be lobbying all of us brutes to elect the first woman ever a year and a half from now. No joke.

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