Free Stuff Not Free Speech

by Geraldo Rivera | Apr 28, 2015

Nobody is talking about poor dead Freddie Gray today. What folks are talking about instead of this man fatally injured during police custody is the looting and mayhem that wrecked his hometown of Baltimore last night. 
The thugs throwing rocks at cops, setting fires, assaulting innocent bystanders and pillaging stores deserve neither sympathy nor understanding. They were selfish not self-righteous. 
They have profaned the memory of Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Akai Gurley and every other unarmed black man who has fallen at the hands of cops charged with keeping the peace.
They have broken the social contract that distinguishes the civilized world from the savage. They were exercising not free speech, but rather grabbing free stuff.
My only comfort comes from the fact that most of the rioters were high school kids seizing the mayhem of the moment. And I watched proudly as at least one brave mom righteously confronted her own son and successfully ordered him home. Baltimore and the nation need more parents like her. 
But now her neighborhood is wrecked, stores are smoldering or burned down, jobs for her son and other poor young black men are lost and nobody is talking about Freddie Gray.

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