Ball Breakers

by Geraldo Rivera | May 12, 2015

It is the day after Tom Brady, the Super Bowl winning New England Patriots quarterback and perhaps the greatest pro football player in the game today was dragged through the humiliating mud of a four game suspension without pay, about a million dollar hit for, "more probably than not," knowing about a scheme to deflate footballs in violation of League rules.
The punishment inflicted on him feels Draconian…Remember he got a four game suspension for probably knowing about the equipment boys deflating his footballs…Initially, the Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice got just a two game suspension for knocking out his fiancé in the elevator.
Brady's team, the Pats also got hit so seriously it is already affecting the odds of who wins next year’s Super Bowl; the team losing 2 top draft picks, plus being hit by another million dollar fine.
Since the ruling, the handsome, rich, enormously popular superstar married to Gisele Bundchen the drop dead gorgeous supermodel who seems the perfect wife and mother has been pummeled by every sportswriter in the country outside of Boston.
The New York Daily News headline reads, “Kicked in the Balls.” Another said “Great Balls of Liar.” The New York Post has it as “Ball Busted.” And every other play on nut cracking you can think of.
Lack of Cooperation Cited
Central to the NFL’s findings of Brady’s probable guilt is the fact that Mr. Clean refused to allow Ted Wells the high-powered Washington lawyer who headed the league’s investigation access to Brady’s texts and personal emails relevant to the scandal.
Brady’s supporters say they couldn’t just hand over their private communications. After all, he’s one of the most famous men in the country. We saw him front row at the Kentucky Derby and the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. It was big news when he snubbed the president at the White House ceremony honoring the Pats’ Super Bowl win. His wife is the most famous Brazilian since Pele. And so forth.
Why Him and Not Hillary?
This is why I wanted to talk about this story this morning, to ask the question whether the quarterback is being held to a higher standard than, say, the former secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
The thought occurred to me yesterday at about the same time my friend and former Celebrity Apprentice boss Donald Trump tweeted the following: 
“They had no definitive proof against Tom Brady or Patriots,” Trump tweeted.
“If Hillary doesn't have to produce Emails, why should Tom? Very unfair!”
As you know Clinton used a personal email address while serving as Secretary of State and later deleted about 30,000 emails off the server that she said were strictly personal. 
Who doesn’t think that the last thing Secretary Clinton would want is for her political enemies, the hyper-partisan Republicans on the House Oversight Committee to have unlimited access to her digital stuff. But look at how differently the two protagonists are being treated. 
So far, Hillary Clinton is being given a pass, while Brady is not only suspended but his squeaky clean reputation is wrecked. Undeniably, his legacy is tainted by accusations of cheating. The 4 time Super Bowl Champ, 3 time MVP, will forever after be linked to Deflategate. 
Now, he’s in the same shady league as the baseball gambler Pete Rose, the 'Roid Warriors Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriquez, and even the alleged college rapist Jameis Winston who never testified in the sex assault investigation at Florida State. 
Winston got drafted Number One anyway. And he was accused of rape not deflate.
The punishment is way too severe for Brady. And so far at least it is way too lenient on Clinton. Both of them should find a way to cooperate with some impartial ethical third party in such a way that protects their privacy while revealing their shortcomings, if they exist.

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