Black White And Red

by Geraldo Rivera | May 11, 2015

A visitor to our planet might be excused for thinking Americans only care about the lives of young black men when they are ended by white cops. 
Police brutality and the excessive use of force by cops is a real issue. Too many die in sometimes unnecessarily violent encounters with cops. Tasers and body cameras must be more broadly deployed to reduce these abuses and restore confidence. 
But the excessive use of force by cops is a small piece of a much broader crisis.
Blood flows in our inner cities, mostly from black men. Nationwide, over 90% of the 2,491 blacks killed were killed by other blacks. In riot ravaged Baltimore for example, there have been 26 homicides in the last month. 20 of the victims were black men. All killed by other black men. 
Ghetto Suicide
In cities across the country, the ghetto is committing suicide. Yet, the only time the civil rights or Occupy establishments are roused to outrage is when the black men are killed by cops, preferably, but not necessarily white cops. 
(Remember in Baltimore 3 of the 6 police officers charged in connection with Freddie Gray’s death are also black, including the Sergeant in charge.)
Just hours after cops from across the country converged on New York for the funeral of slain NYPD hero officer Brian Moore, two more cops were shot dead this weekend, this pair in Mississippi. 
One of the cops killed Ben Deen was a 34-year old white veteran. The other Liquori Tate was a 25 year old black rookie cop with less than a year on the force. (Brian Moore was also just 25). Nationwide, last year 117 officers were killed in the line of duty.
Both Mississippi cops were allegedly killed by a gang comprised of three men and a woman all black. The motive for their executions is still under investigation. It is unclear whether rage or desperation motivated the killers. 
Whatever the probe uncovers isn’t it past time to stop blaming cops for what ails us as a nation? Stop the hatemongering and the irresponsible rhetoric. They are the thin blue line separating civilization from anarchy. 
Cops lives matter.

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