Mansion Murders Solved

by Geraldo Rivera | May 22, 2015

Great police work by DC detectives who thought to check discarded pizza for DNA. It shows the wisdom of the Supreme Court's 2013 decision allowing the collection of DNA from all suspects arrested for serious crimes, even before conviction. 
The DNA match led to alleged perpetrator Daron Wint,who apparently is an arrogant greedy violent sadistic ex-con who was stupid enough to use his own cell phone pinging all the way from Washington to Brooklyn and then back again to the delight of tracking authorities.
I don't know if Wint's family members and the friends arrested with this alleged killer participated in the savage crime. Those arrested with Wint seem to be at least accessories after the fact and therefore chargeable as suspected felons. But once he gained entry to the victims' home, Wint could easily have subdued the Savopoulos parents and housekeeper by himself and then terrorized them by torturing their ten year old until the husband cooperated by arranging the delivery of the $40,000 in cash from the victim's company.
Fight Back
This atrocity is reminiscent of the kidnapping, rape, murders and arson of the Petit family of Connecticut. No one but the surviving scum who committed that horrible crime and this one in DC know exactly how their obscene crimes went down. 
One bottom line big lesson here is not to allow funky people who arrive uninvited into your home. Unless Wint secretly broke in and surprised the occupants, why didn't the dad meet him outside the front door? Even if Wint was known by the Savopoulos family due to his past employment at the family business, still, what was he doing there?
Forgive me for generalizing, and I don't in any way place any blame on the victims in these cases, but based on my reporting too many of these hostage torture murders, if, God forbid, you find yourself in a similar jam, do everything possible to get the word out that you or yours are 'In Extremis'. 
Fight back. Shout, scream, throw something through the window. Don't think you can reason with a monster. If you have an opportunity to speak with someone on the outside tell them to call the cops. Take risks. Surrendering to terror only emboldens sadists who swell in their feeling of omnipotence as their increasingly helpless victims try urgently to satisfy their sick demands. 
Bottom line, once the perp or perps go down the road to home invasion, kidnapping and torture, he or they are going to kill you anyway.

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