Love Potion 9

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 05, 2015
An FDA Advisory Panel has approved 'Viagra for Women', a little pink pill for women that could soon rival the little blue pill that has been erecting, extending and enhancing the sex lives of their husbands, boyfriends and other sex partners for a generation.
My only caution is when it comes to the tens of millions of dollars in health insurance spent to cover this 'therapy'. The notion that Viagra is a medication for erectile dysfunction is a fraud designed by lobbyists for the drug companies to insure the hugely popular drugs are free to millions of horny men with good insurance policies including most civil servants and unionized workers. 
The fact is, Viagra is as much a sex drug as Ecstasy, Rohypnol or Molly. It is as therapeutic as pornography and marijuana. Similarly, this new pink pill for women, Flibanserin is a sex drug. 
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for anything that makes sex less stressful and hence, more fun.
But the fact that this Viagra for Women is long overdue and that it levels the sexual playing field should not lead us to conclude that this is 'medicine' anymore than Viagra is medicine. And the fact that millions of taxpayer-subsidized insurance policies cover these fun drugs is outrageous. 
People should pay for their own pleasure.
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