Living Large

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 08, 2015

Did a well-endowed Inmate Romeo use his biggest asset to engineer Upstate’s Great Escape? That is the lead theory from the New York Post about the scoop behind the epic prison breakout, that It happened because of the size of one of the con’s penis.

48 year old convicted murderer Richard Matt, one of the escaped killers from the maximum security Dannemora penitentiary was reportedly a ‘well-endowed’ Romeo. So authorities are questioning a female prison worker who may have been seduced by the inmate into cooperating with Matt and his cellmate 34 year old killer David Sweat. 

The pair obviously needed outside help to get the power tools they needed to cut through steel walls and pipes and make their daring escape from the formidable 19th Century Clinton Corrections Facility 20 miles from the Canadian border. 

This morning 100’s of cops and corrections officers are combing the Adirondack wilderness that surrounds the prison, going cabin to cabin, to capture the cons.

And before you start rooting for them to stay free remember one of them, Matt kidnapped and beat a man to death; while his accomplice, Sweat killed a sheriff’s deputy and later killed another man, his former boss whom he also dismembered. Two sweethearts on the lam.

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