Trump And James

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 17, 2015
Let’s talk about two men who profess to be the best in the world, and whom I admire despite their braggadocio. I’ll get to Donald Trump and reaction to his big announcement yesterday that he’s running for president, but first, LeBron James, who played his heart out in the NBA finals, seldom sitting, averaging about 36 points, 13 rebounds and almost 9 assists a game. 
Alas, it was not enough as my injury depleted Cleveland Cavaliers lost the basketball finals in six games to the surging Golden State Warriors, 105 to 97. The Warriors led by their NBA MVP Stephen Curry and a guy I’ve never heard of named Andre Iguadala, who each had 25 points, just wore down the Cavs who got no help from players like former Knick J.R. Smith who choked almost every chance he got.
So my wife’s struggling, crime riddled, often ridiculed, championship-deprived hometown where I‘m going for Father’s Day will not have what would have been its first championship in any pro sport in more than 50 years. 
The only consolation I can offer is wait until next year when King James gets back the two all-pros the Cavs lost to injury, Kyrie Irving, who fractured his kneecap, and Kevin Love, who dislocated his shoulder. So Cleveland can be proud in defeat and optimistic about the future.
And so can Donald Trump, who had to know that his combative, stream of consciousness announcement that he is a candidate for the presidency of the United States would make him the subject of intense mockery by media outlets like the New York Daily News, which has him in clown-face on the front page, “Clown Runs For Prez, Trump throws rubber nose in GOP ring,” and comedians like Stephen Colbert who literally foamed at the mouth when he mimicked the Donald’s rambling announcement, as reported by HuffPo.
"My mouth still has more to say," Colbert said as he babbled on about China, Mexico, lunch, bicycle racing, card tricks, hats and more. 
“I agree with Donald that America is dead -- buried in a coffin, in salted earth with our enemies pissing on it and laughing" Colbert said. "And Donald Trump is the only man who can -- excuse me, I’m just moved -- I’m physically moved by the knowledge that Donald Trump is the only man who can dig up the corpse of that nation and marry it.”
Let's see who laughs last on this one.
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