A Racist James Holmes

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 18, 2015
What kind of sick monster can be welcomed to a church prayer meeting, sit and appear to worship for an hour, before unleashing terrible violence, a brutal massacre on nine defenseless parishioners, killing three black men and six black women? 
What deep hatred could motivate so incomprehensible an infamy? What obscene motive could there be to commit this awful act of terror shedding innocent blood before the altar of a loving compassionate God?
21 year old Dylann Roof the ex-con white man who apparently committed this terrible crime in Charleston South Carolina last night even as he uttered racist epithets has deeply wounded our already fractured nation. 
He’s a racist James Holmes; a disgruntled psychopath in this case apparently driven by racial animus that is an attack on every person of good will. Now leaders from every corner of the country must call for us to come together to insure this creep is punished, even as his hatred is defeated by shared grief and love.
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