Stars Bars And Swastikas

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 22, 2015
I know many good, brave people, including millions who had no connection to slavery fought and died for the Confederacy. Along with State's Rights, it is the memory of the innocent fallen, and nostalgia for the traditions and tempo of the Antebellum South that is usually cited as the rationale for flying the Battle Flag of the Confederacy. 
What do think about this? 
Many good, brave Germans, including those who had no connection to the Holocaust or even the NAZI party died fighting for the German Army. Millions, young and old, farmers, tradesmen, students from the four corners of Germany fought and died honorably never having had anything to do with the hateful Hitlerian Regime. 
Yet, there is no mainstream sentiment in Germany, no movement among any but hard core Anti-Semites to display the Swastika or other hateful symbols of the NAZI Regime. There is an understanding in Germany and throughout the civilized world that symbols can hurt and be abused.
What’s the difference? Wasn't slavery a grotesque crime against humanity? Isn't it past time to put the Stars and Bars in the museum?
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