Baltimore's Coming Disappointment

by Geraldo RIvera | Jun 24, 2015
The black cop who drove Freddie Gray's prison van, Officer Caesar Goodson is charged with 'Depraved Heart' Murder, which does not require intent to kill. The classic example is 'shooting a rifle at a passing train killing a passenger;' or a blind man trying to shoot an apple off someone's head with a bow and arrow and instead putting the arrow between the victim's eyes. 
You have to know that your action is so reckless that death is almost inevitable.
Failure to fasten a stoned prisoner's seat belt is not Depraved Heart Murder, it is negligence and may not even be a crime beyond a violation of department protocol. 
Gray stood up in the van and was acting out according to witnesses. His death was not the result of anyone's depraved heart. Baltimore better prepare for reaction to the acquittal of the cops charged.
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