June 25th, 2015

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 25, 2015
Today is about political correctness. Do you feel pressure to toe a certain line? And if you don’t or won’t are you hearing from family, friends or colleagues pressuring you to change your mind? I got a major dose of it during the Baltimore riots when I was accused of not being more sympathetic with a neighborhood trouble-maker who was harassing my live broadcast from the streets of West Baltimore. 
Just the other day in New York one well-dressed adult black businessman confronted me on W. 36th street to let me know that because of that drama in Baltimore he was “disappointed with me” and that “I wasn’t the open-minded man” he remembered from the 1980’s, the fearless reporter who” confronted the skinheads and the Neo-Nazi’s.”
I told the guy that I totally disagreed with his assessment; that the kid was being rude; furthermore, that he was an anarchist, and that what he was really looking for was attention. The guy stormed off unconvinced and shaking his head, and I was just pissed. But on social media at least, most of the comments I got were negative. Like the reaction to comments I made about hoodies and malignant stereotyping following the killing of Trayvon Martin, and about the corrosive impact of hip hop following Ferguson and Baltimore, and about the impact of left-wing hate speech after the murders of cops and after what I keep saying about the current epidemic of black on black crime and violence.
One of my most unpopular rambling recently was when I mildly suggested that all the Kumbayah over the heroic sex reassignment by Bruce Caitlyn Jenner might misguided or at least too trusting given the undeniable fact that everything the Jenner Kardashian Clan has hatched over the last few years has been motivated by the desire to attract maximum attention and revenue. Remember when Kim married that hapless pro basketball player Kris Humphries? Ask him whether he was played by the Kardashian’s in that phony 72 day wedding extravaganza, all of it synthesized to get some canned drama on television.
But my main point is that political correctness, usually from the liberal and supposedly more open-minded segment of popular culture is more intense than ever. God forbid anyone dare to oppose the Gay Mafia, the powerful LGBTQ non-profit thought police that purge any dissenter from the ranks of decent people; like the shunning of those two once highly regarded gay businessmen who dared to host a fund-raiser for Right Wing senator Ted Cruz.
Even the president of the United States got hazed yesterday for not working hard and fast enough to help out undocumented immigrants who happen to be transgender. Who knew that this was a problem?
An LBGT immigrant rights activist interrupted President Obama during a speech at a White House reception on Wednesday.
“President Obama, release all LGBTQ immigrants from detention,” said the person before the president chastisized her for acting out in his house.
The latest and most obvious place where we’re watching the impact of political correctness is the stunning reversal of fortune of the Confederate Battle flag following last week’s horrifying church massacre by that Racist Judas lowlife. What was a proud symbol of heritage to most white Southerners and a mildly discomforting emblem for many black people has suddenly become anathema. And cries to take it down, and condemn it to the dusty corners of civil war museums have now taken on a degree of inevitability. Every South Carolinian politician with national aspirations has now come out against what until the church massacre was defended as an integral part of southern heritage; Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, Governor Nikki Haley, the governors of Alabama and Mississippi, politicians in Georgia and Kentucky; retailers like Sears, Amazon and Walmart. 
And anyone who stands against removal of the Confederate flag is a Neanderthal Racist. Just like someone who still opposes gay marriage in public. 
How dare you, stupid?
So even though I’m in favor of gay marriage and against the display on public grounds of the Confederate battlefield or the NAZI Swastika for that matter, I worry about a few things in this Political Correct Media Mania that currently prevails. Where does it stop? Do the band Lenard Skynard and the 'General Lee,' the red Dodge on the 'Dukes of Hazzard' have to lose their rebel flag signs? Is that going too far? 
We know we’re not supposed to like the use of the Washington Redskins nickname; and there’s a move afoot to relegate ‘Gone with the Wind’ to the garbage heap of history. But where does it stop? 
Take the Confederate flag issue. Yesterday Louis Farakan at the Metropolitan AME Church in Washington, DC said, We also, “…need to put the American flag down. Because we’ve caught as much hell under that as the Confederate flag.” 
Farrakhan said, “White folks march with you because they don’t want you upsetting the city, they don’t give a damn about them nine.”
He added that when the police took suspected shooter Dylann Roof to Burger King they were saying “You did a good job. Kill all them [bleep.]”. He added, “Who are we fighting today? It’s the people that carry the American flag.”
I say live and let live. Delegitimizing the Confederate Battle Flag in deference to the South Carolina slaughter is a good thing. It should not lead to a wholesale rejection of all political incorrectness. That would be a victory of blandness over edgy, and homogeneity over diversity.
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