Needed: A Presidential Wake Up

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 26, 2015
President Obama has been on a roll lately, since giving that cool breezy pod cast interview following the Charleston Church massacre. By invoking the ‘N’ word and bringing the racial divide into sharper focus, the president is also basking in the Supreme Court’s dramatic 6-3 Ruling upholding Obamacare.
But despite what I’m sure will be a great and stirring eulogy by him at services for Reverend Pinckney and the eight other victims of the church massacre this afternoon in South Carolina…and despite the need for the nation to focus on our racial divide, the president has to wake up and smell the gunpowder overseas. 
3 terrorist attacks on 3 continents, all this morning. Come on, this is war and this is real. That was an American business the terrorists attacked in France, European tourists cut down in Tunisia. This is Ramadan, the Muslim holy month during which radical Jihadists believe they can score extra points in heaven for really gruesome acts in support of their unholy war against civilization.
If the USA doesn’t crush ISIS, then ISIS will continue to disrupt life throughout the planet, including our corner of the world.
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