Frontier Justice Preferred

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 29, 2015

While I am delighted and relieved that no one else was hurt, neither civilian nor law enforcement during the 21 days David Sweat and Richard Matt were on the loose, there is also just a tiny bit of regret that the daring escapees didn’t end up on a beach somewhere in a random non-extradite-able beach in a galaxy far, far away.
At least fugitive killer Richard Matt was wasted drunk when he ran into the crack SWAT Team from the U.S. Border Patrol. The preliminary autopsy shows he got hit in the head three times, shot by a semi-automatic expertly wielded by a sharp-shooter. “We believe he was drinking just before he got shot. He may have been wasted,” one source told the New York Post.
That’s the way to go. Shot in the head in the woods far from innocent civilization. Unlike critically injured David Sweat who, if he survives, will live a miserable life interrupted only by endless interrogations by embarrassed, angry prison officials who will be trying to extract every morsel of information about everyone who may have helped this desperate but ultimately hapless duo bust out and then stay out in the woods for three weeks.
Too bad the hero sergeant who took Sweat down didn’t aim six inches higher. This resourceful duo earned Frontier Justice.

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