Amigo, Hágame un Favor

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 29, 2015

My friend-for-life Donald Trump is surging in the presidential polls after his flamboyant and controversial campaign launch the week before last. There is so much to admire about Donald, an incredibly creative entrepreneur who has done more to re-make New York City than anyone in recent history. He said so many great and admirable things during his announcement that he dispelled many doubts and now is challenging Governor Jeb Bush for top spot in the crowded Republican field.
But as I tweeted last week to this fine man who treated me so graciously during Celebrity Apprentice, please apologize for your crude and inaccurate remarks about undocumented Mexican immigrants branding them drug dealers and rapists.
Now Trump is at war with Mexico, Mexicans and Univision and his Miss USA pageant will not run on the Spanish language network, where it is hugely popular, and Trump has banned that network's employees from his Trump National Doral Golf Course in Miami. And both sides seem to be digging in and things are getting really ugly and I wish he would just swallow his pride and admit that he went way overboard when he stereotyped 11 or 12 million mostly innocent and otherwise law-abiding immigrants whose only offense is that they came over the border improperly.
Sometimes it takes a tough man to say lo siento, I'm sorry.

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