Ann, Donald and me

by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 01, 2015

Ann Coulter and I are locked in rhetorical combat over the truth or falsity of Donald Trump's draconian take of Mexican immigrants. By now everybody knows how the Donald's self-inflicted wound and reckless rhetoric incurred the wrath of most of the American Latino population. His wild generalizations about those immigrants being drug dealers and rapists was hurtful and has caused him no end of political and commercial blowback.
When I criticized my friend and former Celebrity Apprentice boss on Megyn Kelly’s great Fox show Monday night, saying that Donald was flat wrong, and that immigrants commit proportionally less crime than the native born, Ann Coulter responded.
Ann essentially asked for equal time to defend Trump and push her latest book, which is an anti-Hispanic immigrant diatribe called ‘Adios America’.
Megyn responded, having Ann and me on her show last night. Ann was poised and made her points, which I pointed out are contradicted, like Mr. Trump's wild accusations, by the facts.
Moreover, Ann is skillfully marketing the insulting insinuation that somehow Latino immigrants want to destroy the basic nature of the United States and make it as she says, a "Third World Hellhole."
So to my two friends, Ann and Donald let me say again, you are wrong and on the wrong side of history. The vitality of the Hispanic immigrant community is just the latest chapter in America's epic success story. Wake up and smell the tortillas.

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