Subway to Nowhere, Bring in Trump

by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 02, 2015

Donald Trump began his personal re-invention and march toward civic greatness when he took over rehabilitation of the woeful Wollman Skating Rink, which had languished in a dilapidated condition for a decade. He completed the task in 3 months and under budget. 

He built soaring office towers where no one believed it possible. He created an entire neighborhood on the West Side of Manhattan and made a wonderful golf course out of a Bronx garbage heap.

Now the DeBlasio Administration wants to cut all ties to the Donald because his "remarks were disgusting and offensive and this hateful language has no place in our city."

I wish he had just apologized for his awkward and manifestly untrue statements about Mexican immigrants being drug dealers and rapists.

Maybe as reparation and recompense for his offensive remarks Trump could agree to finish the 2nd Avenue subway, which the City is obviously unable to do.

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