The Right Thing

by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 10, 2015

In a nation where division and discord often dominate the news, I confess to feeling almost giddy about South Carolina's collective decision to take down the Confederate battle flag that has defiantly flown on the grounds of the State Capitol for half a century.
The bi-partisan, multi-racial, overwhelming vote to take down the symbol of the Confederacy was a vivid declaration of several things:
1-Black lives matter, and so do Black feelings. The massacre by an avowed, battle flag waving racist of the nine martyrs at the Bible study group at the Mother Emanuel AME Church made the flag an enduring insult to the victim's families and the entire community.
2-While the symbol undeniably represented heritage and history to some sincere South Carolinians, just as undeniably it came to represent to others a cruel world in which African Americans were subjugated, used and abused.
So, Bravo South Carolina for your decision to sacrifice your symbol. You eased the pain of the church slaughter by comforting the victims and demonstrating love can triumph over hate. The action will not end racism, but it is a step in the right direction and a noble example of how folks of good will can come together to do the right thing.

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