El Chapo & The Donald

by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 13, 2015
The elaborate escape from a supposedly super-secure Mexican prison by notorious drug lord 'El Chapo' ("Shorty") will fuel Donald Trump's assertion that our southern neighbor is lawless, dysfunctional and corrupt. 
Joaquin Guzman was the most important prisoner in their system. He was eagerly being sought by the United States for extradition to stand trial for a host of charges ranging from massive drug trafficking to murder. The fact he managed to escape is already being used by Trump to fuel his contention that Mexico is the font of all evil.
Mexico has severe problems with corruption and crime. There is small wonder ordinary, hard-working, law abiding Mexicans want to leave their troubled nation to come here to live normal lives.
El Chapo/Shorty must be caught. President Obama must make it a law-enforcement priority. The rest of us have to fight the temptation to measure Mexicans by the worst among them.
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