My Best Frienemy

by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 14, 2015
My Fox News colleague Eric Bolling and I have much different world views. But generally, we co-exist on our number-one rated cable news channel, which is far more open-minded than most and certainly more fair and balanced than our principal rivals.
On the issue of immigration particularly there is real, at times passionate disagreement amongst our team. And that disagreement swelled dramatically during yesterday's "The Five" driven by two events, most importantly, the outrageous murder in front of her father of Kate Steinle, an innocent 32-year old San Francisco woman by a wretched ex-con, illegal immigrant who was free because SF is a Sanctuary City. 
The other event driving the controversy was the escape from a super maximum Mexican prison of a notorious narco-trafficker El Chapo Guzman; which allowed Trump to say "See I told you so about Mexico." 
Anyway things got personal when I accused critics of immigration reform of sensationalizing this issue and exploiting the SF murder to make a cheap political point. Bolling said something to the effect that "this from someone who sensationalizes and exploits everything."
I responded to the insult and professional disparagement by telling Eric that I would "knock you out right now." The segment was quickly wrapped by the excellent host Kimberly Guilfoyle before it came to blows, and during the commercial Eric and I agreed to disagree without being disagreeable and there it lies.
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