Tunnels Vs. Walls

by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 23, 2015
Seeing El Chapo's notorious prison escape tunnel makes clear how useless Donald Trump's proposed, multi-billion dollar, nearly 2,000 mile long wall along the nation's border with Mexico would be. Three-stories deep and a mile long, El Chapo's epic clandestine tunnel used by the notorious Drug fugitive to escape his nation's most secure prison, burrowed under fields and farms, even under a busy railroad. 
In the secret removal of over 2,000 tons of dirt and managing to emerge directly under the one tiny area where it could not be seen by the surveillance cameras in El Chapo's cell, the criminal enterprise demonstrates the immense skill of smugglers and how futile a hugely expensive wall would be in stopping the professional "rapists and drug dealers" Mr. Trump says are pouring over our southern border. 
While the hugely expensive project would never be able to prevent the pros from tunneling under or climbing over Trump's Wall, it would stop Juan and Maria, the poor, eager, otherwise law-abiding immigrants who come here seeking a better life. In other words, the wall would have the completely opposite effect than that intended.
Wouldn't it be better to use the vast sums needed for Trump's Wall instead to finish infrastructure projects like New York's 2nd Avenue Subway or the vital repairs needed for the railway tunnels that run under the Hudson River or a thousand other necessary public works projects from one corner of the country to the other begging for federal funding?
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