So What Did I Miss?

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 12, 2015
Back after our wonderful family vacation in Northern Italy…Erica, Sol and I had a fabulous time…from seeing Da Vinci’s Last Supper, visiting the World Expo in Milan, taking gondolas in Venice, a boat ride past George Clooney’s house on breathtakingly beautiful Lake Cuomo, and eating enough Caprese salad and pasta to last a life-time.
So what did I miss? Aside from the deadly outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease around my old stomping grounds 149th Street in the Bronx, just starting with today’s sports headline, the New York Jets committing suicide, losing Geno Smith their starting quarterback and probably their season in a stupid locker room brawl with a third string linebacker with a history of violence. This fight over a $600 beef…And while nobody got arrested here, there have been 260 NFL players arrested over the last five years. At what point do we cop to the fact that they're like those gladiators who filled the coliseums of ancient Rome, violent and thuggish.
And speaking of that, there’s the whole ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement…and whatever legitimacy it has…and face it, there is a real beef about black men getting shot by cops…activists have been squandering that legitimacy…obnoxiously interrupting political rallies, and much worse than that, instead of respectfully marking the first anniversary of teenager Michael Brown’s notorious death by cop, anarchist criminals hijacking the memorial, using it as an excuse to shoot at cops and trash and loot their neighbor's shops in Ferguson Missouri.
But I’m burying the lead; my friend and former Celebrity Apprentice boss Donald Trump, whose larger than life personality and presidential candidacy leading the European news programs just like they did here at home following that historically successful Fox News debate, and the confrontation with my friend and colleague Megyn Kelly that you all have been talking about since last Thursday.
So do I think he was really referring to Megyn menstruating when he said she had blood coming out of her wherever when she went after him about referring to women as fat, disgusting and slobs?
And whether you believe his passionate explanation that only deviates would think that, I’m not so sure, and I suspect we’ll never know, and I’ve decided that I’m neutral on their conflict. I love them both and this too shall pass.
Megyn and our Fox news colleagues Bret Baier and Chris Wallace did their jobs. And Trump did his, dominating the debate and firmly establishing himself as the leading candidate. And the result was the most watched cable news program in the history of television.
But what is interesting right now is how potential voters are viewing the various candidates and what is the lasting impact of the hurricane of the last several days?
The man who was the presumptive nominee, Jeb Bush, is wallowing, barely in the double digits…Trailing Donald Trump everywhere…In Iowa, Bush is at 5% to Trump’s 17%...The real alternatives to Trump right now look like my old Fox News pal Ohio governor John Kasich…and former Hewlett Packard executive Carly Fiorina, who would make a great vice presidential candidate regardless of who wins the top GOP spot.
In a stunning development that would have been thought impossible a couple of months ago, Donald Trump remains the leader in the race for the Republican presidential nomination in Iowa, New Hampshire and across the country.
But…and this is a big but, Another poll shows that 55% of potential Republican primary voters say they are less comfortable with Trump since the big debate…And according to that latest Rasmussen Poll, Donald’s support has fallen by a third over the past week-and-a-half.
Rasmussen’s latest national telephone survey finds Trump with 17% support among Likely Republican Primary Voters, which is great, but it's down from 26% in late July before that first GOP debate.
So I think these next few days are important for Trump. He’s veered away from attacking Megyn and into higher concept, more presidential stuff…I love what he has to say about how lobbyists have destroyed politics, buying and paying for favors and access.
And for what it's worth, that’s my advice to my old pal Donald Trump. Stick with the stuff that people are yearning for…your refreshing high energy approach to life, which is a wonderful contrast to the wimpy, whinny, lethargic politics of say Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.
But no more about bodily fluids regardless of orifice.
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