Trump 45?

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 17, 2015
Did you see the Donald arriving this morning at court in New York reporting for jury duty? It was every bit as dramatic as if the president himself had arrived.
And he may well be the 45th president, or at least the Republican nominee. There is a brand new Fox News poll out today that is stunning. Trump is the preferred candidate for 25% of Republican primary voters. In second place with less than half Trump’s appeal is Dr. Ben Carson at 12%. Senator Ted Cruz is experiencing a mini surge at 10%, with former Florida governor Jeb Bush scoring a humbling 9% to round out the top four in the new Fox News poll.
But the harsh immigration policy that is driving Trump’s popularity primarily or most dramatically among white, working class men might cost his party next November in swing states like Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Arizona.
Forget about others, including President Obama, who want to deport all criminal immigrants while cutting some slack to the vast majority of law abiding families who are here seeking a better life. Trump says he wants to deport them all, including children if they are here illegally. How exactly is that going to happen? Remember Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban kid who was forcibly extracted by armed federal agents? Imagine that scene reenacted millions of times.
How are Latinos supposed to respond to the forcible deportation of between 11 and 20 million mostly Latino people? Who is going to do the snatch and grabbing, cops? federal agents? vigilantes?
As charming as my former Celebrity Apprentice is, how can he endorse any policy as fundamentally un-American as this massively inhumane proposal?
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