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by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 18, 2015
Coming up on my 77WABC radio show at 10am ET, I'm asking how listeners feel about the multi-million dollar settlements this and other cities dole out to those falsely or flimsily accused, like the Central Park Five who did hard time for notoriously raping a female jogger? After another guy confessed, the five, who were teens when they were convicted, got a total of $41 million, or roughly a million for each year they did behind bars . 
That didn't sit well with cops or prosecutors on the case or with Donald Trump who at the time of the vicious attack 1989 took out front page newspaper advertisements calling for a return of tough justice including the death penalty.
On Monday after jury duty Donald Trump said if he was mayor they wouldn’t have gotten a dime. Today on the WABC radio show we’ll talk about this city’s propensity to settle cases with your money. And about the biggest political issue in places like Manchester New Hampshire and Staten Island New York. What it is will shock you at ten on Geraldo.
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