Alex Rodriguez August 19th

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 19, 2015
Yankee great Alex Rodriquez blasted the game winning grand slam home run yesterday…it was his 25th grand slam…the most of any player ever in MLB history. And the fact that he’s also hit 25 homers this year as he turned 40…that he’s coming off a year-long suspension and is playing drug-free is a remarkable accomplishment.
And speaking of birthdays, today is former president Bill Clinton’s 69th…so he’s now the same age as former president George W. Bush and leading contender for the GOP nod Donald Trump, who is also 69. 
Hillary will be 68 in October…and isn’t it interesting that her age is constantly being mentioned as an issue; but nobody ever makes an issue of Donald’s age? Why is it that ladies get roughed up and guys don’t?
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