Trump's the Favorite August 20th

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 20, 2015
Morning, There were dueling political rallies all over New Hampshire last night and the energy and size of the various crowds really are indicative of where the race for the GOP nomination is at this early stage.
As you might have guessed, Donald Trump was the stud, all swagger and size, as his crowds easily beat Jeb's by a mile. I know it is early, five months from the first votes, still nothing on the horizon seems about to change the momentum. Trump has the charisma, confidence and the energy of a trained performer, and the others, even including once flamboyant personalities like New Jersey governor Chris Christie, seem cowed by Trump's presence and out-sized personality.
Maybe they're afraid to take him on. In any case, none are going to get personality makeovers in time to make a difference. They're mostly flat and rote. He's all flash and bang.
For that and other reasons, riight now Trump's the odds on favorite in my book to win the nomination. The question is whether he can win the White House in a general election without any meaningful black, Latino, Jewish, Asian or female support. The answer is maybe, especially against a candidate as lackluster as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
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