Breasts August 24th

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 24, 2015
Happy Monday from NYC where the Mayor and other officials remain obsessed with ending Topless Times Square. My radio show is based at Madison Square Garden a few blocks downtown. 
Instead of bare breasts we are enduring a tidal wave of homeless vagrants who this morning circled the entire block around the St. Francis of Assisi Church to get today's free breakfast. 
A block away from the church, the new pedestrian mall the city has created around MSG "The World's Most Famous Arena" has become a magnet for those vagrants. Once they've dined courtesy of the church, they sleep on the new mall benches and urinate where and when the need moves them. It is a melancholy scene reminiscent of depression-era Central Park.
The homeless need services. Bare breasts are not the problem.
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