Paris August 24th

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 24, 2015
The best news of the week was the courageous action taken on the Paris train by 3 California buddies on holiday. As you know, led by heroic U.S.Airman Spencer Stone, his National Guardsman wingman Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler, the brave trio of Americans subdued a would be jihadist bent on mass murder.
As the train staff trembled and fled, leaving their passengers defenseless, the three men stood and fought. And today in Paris they were bestowed the French Legion of Honor. 
Let it be a lesson for all of us. Never surrender to tyranny. Confront the bullies, criminals and murderers. They will show you no mercy. Your fearful inaction will only embolden the bad, crazy and cruel. 
Better to die with your boots on. 
As one of the train heroes college student Anthony Sadler said today, "In times of crisis, do something."
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