Trump August 25th

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 25, 2015
My friend and former Celebrity Apprentice boss Donald Trump is giving former Florida governor Jeb Bush the business over Jeb's awkward defense of his use of the term "anchor babies." 
Thing is, in a way Jeb is correct. 
The majority of birth tourism is Asian in origin; relatively affluent, pregnant Chinese (and Russian) women obtaining legal visas near the end of their term, then coming here to give birth to American citizen babies, about 30-35,000 a year.
Of course that number is 1/10th the total of the border universe of anchor babies, the vast majority of whom (300,000 or more a year) are born to undocumented Latinas already residing in the United States.
But that clumsy aspect of Jeb's immigration explanation aside, the governor was very effective during his visit to the Texas/Mexican border. He was kind, compassionate and understanding of the scope of the problem. By speaking Spanish and still insisting that the law be followed, he laid out a moderate course to address a problem that some Americans feel is central to the presidential campaign. 
He also sounded reasonable and positioned himself to become a favorite of the swing Latino voters the GOP contender crucially needs to win the White House.
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