Amending The Constitution

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 28, 2015
Republicans say that if necessary we must alter the 14th Amendment to make clear that it does not convey “birthright citizenship” on all children born in the United States, regardless of circumstance. 
Donald Trump says that the Amendment, as presently construed by the courts, is not fair. Why, he asks, should a child qualify for all the rights and privileges appertaining to “real” citizens, if the kid’s Mexican or Chinese mother came to the country with the sole intent of birthing a U.S. citizen baby? 
So, if necessary, his supporters say change the 14th Amendment.
Jump cut to the murders on live television of Alison Parker and Adam Ward the two young journalists slain this week in Virginia. 
The lowlife, dirt bag psycho who killed them bought his weapon legally. Since he didn’t have a criminal record of violence, he could not be denied his constitutional right to keep and bear arms despite his many run-ins with fellow workers and management in a long string of jobs at Alison's station and others.
This creep's ability to purchase deadly weapons is shameful. As construed by the courts, the 2nd Amendment is stupid. 
We have as many guns in this country as we do people. We have at least three times the gun murder rate of any other civilized nation. The N.Y. Daily News points out on today’s front page that there have been 84,523 people killed by guns in this country just since the Sandy Hook/Newtown Connecticut massacre of 26 teachers and little children in December 2012.
If you’re into altering our Constitution, then start with the 2nd Amendment.
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