Bums' Renaissance

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 01, 2015

Rode my bike to work and past four homeless men sleeping on the sidewalk near my office in Madison Square Garden complex and then encountered two drunk/junkies aggressively panhandling outside. This at 7:30AM. 

With violent crime down or near historic lows in New York, the visibility of this problem is Mayor De Blasio's most obvious policy failure.

Trump on Shysters and "Alien" Killers

Speaking of policies, Bravo to Donald Trump for taking on greedy, unpatriotic, high rolling, crony capitalists who take no risk, game the system and do not pay their fair share of taxes. 

But having thus praised Mr. Trump let me hasten to add that his campaign against the "illegal alien murder" wave is bogus. 

There is none. 

Every legitimate study agrees, undocumented immigrants commit far fewer violent crimes per capita than citizen Americans. 

In 2015, cities suffering the alarming spike in murders are Milwaukee, Baltimore, St. Louis and New Orleans, all cities with relatively tiny Latino immigrant populations.


There are two big stories:

1- The Monmouth University poll released Monday showing Dr. Ben Carson in a virtual tie with the powerful Donald Trump. Is this the beginning of the end of The Donald's powerful surge? Is it going to be hand-to-hand fighting from here on?

2- The latest batch of Hillary Emails re-confirms the utter emptiness and waste of political energy this so-called scandal represents. Fight her on bad policy, not this fake crap.

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