Trump and Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 02, 2015
Morning from NYC where Donald Trump had a potentially important meeting at Trump Tower yesterday with the CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, an umbrella group that claims to represent over three million Hispanic-owned businesses.
Apparently, Mr. Trump reached out to Mr. Palomarez following the candidate's incendiary confrontation with popular Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, and a Gallup Poll showing that Trump is by far the least popular Republican among prospective Latino voters.
Tune in at around 10:10AM this morning for my interview with Mr. Palomarez to see whether Trump has modified his radicial approach to alleviating the nation's admitted problem with millions of undocumented immigrants that Trump has been vocal in demonizing. 
The Trumpster says he wants to round them all up and dump them and their U.S. citizen-born children on the far side of the gigantic wall he intends to build along the nation's southern border. But he also must understand that he cannot win the White House without significant support from America's Latino voters.
As a kind of icing on the cake of apparent conciliation, Trump asked Palomarez whether the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce would like to hold their annual convention next year at Trump's lavish National Doral Golf Course in Miami.
Tune into 77WABC radio at 10:10 to find out whether the Latino group accepts Trump's generous but loaded offer.
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