So Right and So Wrong

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 07, 2015
Paul Krugman of the New York Times sounds shocked that Donald Trump is right on economics, tax policy and finance. Dr. Krugman grudgingly admits that Trump is also right on campaign financing and the malignant influence of lobbyists on good government.
Got news for you Paul. He is right on many issues and dominates the polls for good reason. 
All the Trumpster has to do to dominate the actual elections is back off on the crazy deportation stuff. He's head and shoulders above the GOP pack and doesn't need the cruelty vote.
Can you imagine an American citizen 3 year old refugee child of an undocumented Mexican immigrant dying being deported and forced south across the Rio Grande? Or getting shot in the streets of Sinaloa or Juarez? Or falling under a bus in Guerrero? And some great photojournalist captures another picture of a dead refugee kid that rattles your conscience and changes history.
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