Be Happy Hilary

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 09, 2015

 Hillary finally apologized for her use of a private email server, a practice which retired Admiral John Kirby, who's now spokesman for the State Department, says was not illegal although it is discouraged. 

Call me crazy but I believe Admiral Kirby and agree with his analysis. I've known him since the war began in Iraq and worked closely with him covering the Navy's role in alleviating civilian suffering following Haiti's devastating 2010 earthquake.
What I'm curious about is why Hillary is apologizing if she did nothing illegal? The answer is obviously politics and polls. The former Secretary of State is apologizing because too many potential voters feel she is dishonest and untrustworthy. She wants to clear the air so she can reintroduce herself to the American people. Her tawdry reputation has allowed such underwhelming candidates as Senator Bernie Sanders and Vice President Joe Biden to steal her mojo.
I don't think the apology is going to help her fading poll numbers. It will be seen as just a desperate ploy to restart her campaign, another shifty move by the shape shifting Clinton's. 
She is hard to love. The relentless and mostly unfair attacks on the former First Lady and senator have made her seem defensive, strained and pessimistic. Compared to the flamboyant campaign of Donald Trump or even the surprisingly energetic and sincere Senator Sanders, she seems as joyful as a matronly undertaker.
How and whether she can become a Bill Clintonesque ‘Happy Warrior’ will determine whether she can broaden or at least stem the hemorrhaging her support.

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