Russia Is On The Right Side In Syria

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 10, 2015

The Obama Administration helped unhinge Syria by suggesting that we would support an uprising against the Shiite-dominated government of the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. 
It was part of the ill-advised "Arab Spring" when our naïve, idealistic, young president cheered on the overthrow of secular strongmen like Syria's Assad, Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya.
We wanted to encourage "democracy."
Instead we got Sunni Muslim extremism, ISIS, anarchy, the oppression and annihilation of minorities, including the attempted extermination of Christianity, the destruction of archeological treasures and an extraordinary tidal wave of refugees fleeing the region's disorder and violence.
Russia is right to recognize that the Shiite government of Bashar Assad has the best chance of re-establishing a functioning state in Syria. 
We should side with Putin, not oppose him in Syria. 
Strengthen Assad. 
Maintain pressure on ISIS. 
and encourage a ceasefire with other, slightly more moderate Sunni elements in Syria.
Russia is on the right side in Syria. We are nowhere.

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