You're Terminated

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 15, 2015

In 1976 the first of many times I interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger, he boasted of how he had freaked out competing bodybuilder and reigning champion Lou Ferrigno to win the Mr. Olympia contest. The bodybuilding competition was depicted in what was one of the first reality programs, the documentary film “Pumping Iron” that made both men stars. A swaggering Arnold bragged in the film and on my show about how he had thrown Lou off his game, undermining the confidence of the man who would be The Hulk to win the Olympia title and ignite a show business and political career that reaped hundreds of millions and now leads back to Celebrity Apprentice. 
When NBC and Trump divorced, I didn’t think it was possible for the network to find a suitable replacement. I was unavailable and the other most logical candidate for the job, entrepreneur and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban, may not have had the same flamboyant reality chops. 
Then NBC announced that it was Arnold the former California governor and action movie star who despite a rocky personal life has had an incredible career. He has the confidence, charisma, wealth, power and personality to keep the franchise Trump built going. And now every commentator in media is trying to figure what Arnold’s tag line is going to be. 
You’re Terminated seems the best choice.

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