Barack and Vlad

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 16, 2015

President Obama should swallow his pride and more substantively, his anger over Russia's invasion of Ukraine to engage at the United Nations with President Vladimir Putin over Syria. 
Russia and the United States are on the same side in Syria. The corrupt and cruel regime of dictator Bashar Assad is the best of our bad choices in Syria. His government and army must be propped up to fight our mutual enemy ISIS and the other Sunni Muslim extremist groups. Once the radical Islamists are degraded and destroyed, we can force Syria to spin off its dictator in exchange for a multi-national peace keeping apparatus that can eventually lead to a more representative government in Syria. Stability there is crucial to all nations. It is the only way to stem the hemorrhaging of humanity, the tens of thousands of fleeing refugees flooding into Europe. ISIS is our mutual enemy and why the desperate migrants are on the move.
In Syria, if the United States chooses to continue minimizing its efforts against ISIS then I would rather have Russian boots and tanks on the ground than none at all.

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