Bailout Puerto Rico/Win the White House

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 16, 2015

Puerto Rico has gone over the brink. It now owes creditors at least 72 billion dollars, far more than it can ever hope to repay. So far Congressional Republicans are resisting any kind of financial bailout for the commonwealth, including permitting the government and public agencies to declare bankruptcy. 
That reluctance may cost the GOP the 2016 presidential election.
The island is destitute, unemployment is rampant and there are many more layoffs still to come. 
Puerto Rico's young people are on the move. The economic collapse is forcing many thousands of them to flee the island and its double digit unemployment. 
All these Puerto Rican migrants are U.S. citizens who tend to vote Democratic. Most of them are resettling in the crucial swing state of Florida, many along the I-4 corridor from Daytona to Orlando to Tampa to St. Pete. 
It's where they are finding jobs in places like Disneyworld and Universal, and where they'll decide who wins the Sunshine State and the White House.

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