Call Out The Crazies

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 18, 2015

By our surveys, Donald Trump has survived his less than best performance at Wednesday night’s debate to retain his lead. He was great in defusing Jeb Bush and Rand Paul's attacks, but seemed to wilt as the three hour marathon continued and headed into the bushes of specific foreign policy issues.
He continues to lead and to attract an increasingly diverse crowd, including increasingly, women and the college-educated.
But among his original supporters, that huge cadre of mostly white mostly working class men, there are some undeniable crazies.
Like the original Tea Party, there are on the fringes of Trump’s current supporters that thin slice of hate mongers and militiamen with weird and disturbing points of view that are distasteful if not straight out racist.
Because Trump himself strayed into the unfortunate, misguided Birther Movement, teaming up with Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others to promise proof but never deliver that our 44th president is not a native born American, Trump must now forcefully condemn or belittle these preposterous claims among his current supporters. When one among his crowd in New Hampshire blurted out that scandalous and widely discredited claim of presidential foreign birth, it was incumbent on New Trump, the mature candidate, to distance himself from Old Trump, the flame-throwing attention seeker. He cannot allow his candidacy to be hijacked by loathsome ideas or nutjobs. He's better than that and he can prove it by rejecting ugly lies and the liars who pollute the political process with ignorance and deceit.

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