Refugee Swap

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 18, 2015

The Obama Administration has announced that the United States will accept 10,000 refugees fleeing war, famine and peril in Syria. This comes as presidential contenders are pledging to deport millions of undocumented immigrants who came here fleeing war, famine and peril in Mexico and Latin America.
This curious exchange of misery has happened before.
In 2008, we began allowing tens of thousands of refugees from war-torn Somalia into the country. Many settled in the area around Minneapolis, which became known as ‘Little Mogadishu’.
At the same time, there was a massive push in the area to deport thousands of mostly Mexican and Guatemalan refugees working in meat-packing plants in nearby Iowa. The job is thankless, bloody and disgusting. The Mexicans filled those jobs because no native born American wanted them.
Now the Mexicans, many of whom have been here for decades, are gone. Many of their jobs have been taken by those newer immigrants, the refugee Somalis.
Except not all have stayed at work.
Authorities report that an estimated 40 one-time Somali-refugees have left the Twin-cities and sneaked out of America to return to Africa to fight with al Shabab the extremist group killing and maiming the innocent. Others are reported to have gone to fight with al Qaeda or ISIS in the Mid-East.

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