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by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 21, 2015

A couple of substantive issues for this morning on radio and later on Fox's 'The Five', including the blood bath this weekend on the streets of Brooklyn and the Bronx NYC.
9 were murdered, all black and/or Hispanic and I'll bet you won't hear a word of protest from Black Lives Matter because lives only matter apparently when they are taken by cops.
But let me start you off with politics, especially the most recent CNN poll that shows Donald Trump still leading the field, but down from his high of 32%. Now he’s at 24, which is 9 ahead of Carly Fiorina at 15, whose surging and Ben Carson who's fading at 14. The good doctor is down from 19, but the real loser is Wisconsin governor Scott Walker who’s disappeared off the screen totally, registering less than 1%.
My personal vibe is that Donald will recover his mojo. He had a rocky debate, seeming to lose interest in the third hour, but he still out rates the rest of the field combined on television.
On the other hand, Dr. Carson may have peaked. With his laid back demeanor it's hard to see him coming back, especially after his remarks about not wanting a Muslim in the White House no matter what.
In that regard, Trump had a mean, mischievous crack that ‘some people believe we already have one (a Muslim in the White House),’ which followed his refusal to debunk a comment about the president being a Muslim at one of his New Hampshire town halls.
Because of his wealth and celebrity Trump seems to get a pass to be outrageous. I'm guessing it will help him keep the hard right Tea Party-type Republican primary voters, the 1/3rd of the total he needs to win the nomination.
Aside from the 'Birther' nonsense, unless he profoundly moderates his tone generally on Mexican migration and other sensitive issues he'll get crushed in the general election despite his charm.

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