Pope's Address

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 24, 2015

Morning, today we're broadcasting the Pope's address to the Congress live on 77WABC radio at 10am ET. I hope he gets as cordial and enthusiastic a welcome as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayu did during his controversial address back in March 2015. 
I think all the political hand-wringing over the Holy Father's remarks about hot button topics like climate change and immigration is misplaced. He is not a partisan politician. He is spiritual leader to the world's 1.2 billion Catholics and he is a defender of the poor and beleaguered of all faiths around the planet.
It is his specific role to be compassionate and to preach generosity and inclusion. He is not an office-holder or seeker and should not be treated as one. His admonitions and advice are coming from his role as healer-in-chief. Pope Francis is not running for office, so just because you personally do not subscribe to whatever of the pope's views, remember this is not a mayor or a candidate for high office, but rather a kind and gentle soul who dreams of a better more equitable planet.

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