Getting Unstuck

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 28, 2015

We are stuck between our just condemnation of Russia for its aggression in Ukraine and the need for the USA and Russia to cooperate in Syria to alleviate the worst refugee crisis since WWII.
It is not impossible to find a way forward. 
2 years ago during the General Assembly everyone thought the notion of an Iran nuke deal was farfetched. Guess what, now there is a deal, despite the odds. 
The same leap forward can be accomplished in Syria.
-We don't have to be friends with the Russians in all things. 
-We don't have to lift the sanctions imposed because of Russian aggression in Ukraine. 
-We don't need to announce a global Strategic Partnership with Russia. 
-What we have to do is work with the Russians to defeat ISIS, our mutual enemy in Syria and the principal cause of todaty's traumatic refugee crisis.

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