Hilary Investigated

by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 05, 2015

Hillary Clinton has the right to be pissed off. She has been more investigated than any public person on earth with the possible exception of her husband the 42nd president. In Bill Clinton's case, the relentless probing, Whitewater, Travelgate, silverware-gate, Vince Foster's suicide, etc., eventually led to a single revelation: he lied about having an affiar with an intern named Monica Lewinsky.
Perhaps that is the kind of scandal the Republicans guiding this relentless and never-ending congressional probe are hoping for, that Hillary's use of the private email server, now deemed legal by the Justice Department, will uncover some personal transgression or trespass. Who knows, maybe an email will surface showing she flirted with a dictator, improperly expensed a private dinner, or tore her pantyhose.
We know that there is no substantive higher purpose. Thanks to Congressman Kevin McCarthy's shining moment of honesty, we know from the horse's mouth that the real intent of the Benghazi marathon is to damage Secretary Clinton's "numbers." How lame.

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