McCarthy Gaffe

by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 06, 2015

As someone who generates a viscerally negative reaction from right-wing critics (and trolls of this column), I sympathize with Hillary Clinton more than most Baby Boomer men. There is just something about her (and me) that ignites a nuclear response. 
But enough about me, I'm not running. 
Hillary is, and I think, she may have her critics on the ropes for the first time in a long time. She is in the process of turning a corner and recovering some of the mojo that for several years leading up to this presidential election cycle, made the former Secretary of State the most admired woman in the world.
GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy's confession about the motive and impact of the Benghazi scandal, which struck everyone who heard it as pure truth, is a gaffe that will keep giving. The Majority Leader and prospective Speaker of the House admits the political nature of the Benghazi marathon investigations. And Hillary has seized the offensive. 
This damn thing is not about her email server. Much less is the never-ending probe about the four American heroes who died at the hands of Muslim extremist terrorists in Libya on September 11, 2012. It is about election day November 8, 2016 and damaging the probable Democratic nominee for president.
It has worked brilliantly so far, just as Congressman McCarthy gloats. Hillary's numbers have been decimated by the drip drip drip attacks. 
But its short-term political success spells its doom as a long-term issue. Only the most ardent Hillary haters will cling to a fake nobility as motive for continuing the probe. And her testimony later this month before the now exposed and diminished committee should put the nail in its political coffin.
What most folks are missing, as they report on this more energized Clinton candidacy, is the effect it will have on Vice President Joe Biden's decision on whether to run.
It will discourage and ultimately deter his half-hearted, wishy washy flirtation with mounting a campaign for the Oval Office. Republicans will have to beat Clinton fair and square.

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